CANH Infrastructure LTD-Golden Property-Castle Mysuru. [Integrated township project, Hunsur Road,Mysore]

This mega city will be a completely integrated township with all the facilities one needs and aspires to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Sprawling across 180 acres of lush greens and wide open vistas, Castle is a harmonious blend of, retail and hospitality projects. Landscaped areas, water bodies, swimming pools, healthcare facilities and schools will adorn the city. Fringed with trees and dotted with manicured greens, it is a self contained luxury township that celebrates life in all its radiant splendour.

Approved by DTCP( Department of Town & Country Planning)


Park plays an important role in each and every individual life. It is an area of natural, semi-natural, or planted space set aside for human enjoyment and recreation or for the protection of wildlife or natural habitats.

It can also be considered as traffic free roads. The wider roads helps to transport from one end to another in convenient time and mainly tension freely. Wider Roads or Two Lane roads helps in managing with the traffic.

It is a need in individual life with the electricity. The Township plans for the best electricity supply, where each and every buildings get 24/7 power supply.

Another major aspect in everyone life. It is not only important to get water but it also important that it should be clean and safe to drink.

At an emergency situtation it is a must need to have a check to be safe and sound in terms of health.

The prominance of playing in everyone's life is very important. At the same it should be safe also to play in a particular area, so the children play area is buit in such a way, it is safe for them too.

Health is the main concept for everyone. Jogging Park has a separate lane where everyone can Jog for their health benefits.

In the Socialized Life it has become very important to get connected from one to another. In this regard, a small get together or kitty parties helps to be one in all.

For day to day basic life living, it is important to intake fresh and natural fruits and vegetables. We provide you a one in all super market, in which you can get every need to daily life.

Pay 60 Months Easy EMI's

Pending amount to be paid during registration is actual cost minus payments installment paid

  • Basic land cost Rs.300/-
  • Development Rs.200/-
  • Amenities & Tax Rs.99/-
  • 1. First 36 EMI towards Basic land cost
  • 2. Next 24 EMI towards Development cost
  • 3. Balance amount towards amenities, tax and dificit (Basic cost & development reconciliation) at the time of registration.

Comparison of Golden Property gate & Berlin gate

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